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Imbox.png   IMPORTANT The wallet is Not Stable, and at this point you should use it with real money only at Your Own Risk.


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This Alpha4 release is the 'multisig' release where we have finished automatizing multisig actions so they don't need copy pasting of funny scripts, more information below.

This marks the end of the 'big implementations' and now enter a stage where we will be focusing more on hardening and final stabilization and gui, as well as refactoring the architecture to make it more flexible and modular. This means beta is starting to be in sight, although we're not quite there yet.

We have taken a bit longer on this release (almost one month), this happened on one hand because we needed a bit of relaxing after months of intensive coding, but also because there has been a lot going on behind the scenes, a quick review:

On the technical side:

On the more social side it's been really turbulent so worthy to comment:

New features

Multisig 'automatization'

a spend notification

By building on top of the lobby pairing mechanics now multisigs can be automatically sent to other members, and also spends and signatures get propagated to the other fund members.

This way multisigs can be created, signed, and spends done without needing any "copy pasting", just by clicking a few buttons and letting the lobby messaging system take care of the rest.

So, this is what happens now:

  • 1.1: When a fund is created it is sent to other owners that we have paired.
  • 1.2: Other peers get a notification so they can 'accept' the fund and it will be imported into the wallet
  • 2.1: When a spent is created by one of the members, it is propagated as well.
  • 2.2: Peers get the notification about the spend, and can sign it
  • 2.3: Signatures get propagated to other members
  • 3.1: When some member has enough signatures, she will broadcast the transaction
  • 3.2: Other peers see the transaction and finish all relevant tasks and stop propagation.

We will still improve the gui and usability so it is better integrated with the history view, but we are happy about how it's working now, and already helps *a lot*, specially in spending from a multisig.

Other new small features

  • 'Bits' can now be selected as unit
  • Identity can be selected from the address bar popup

Prefix subscription for privacy

The libbitcoin-based blockchain server (Obelisk) now implements subscribing by prefix instead of the whole address. This can be used for more privacy with the server not being able to know your address for certain.

We still have to implement prefix search for fetching the initial history but that work is ongoing now.

(note darkwallet isn't using this yet)

Important fixes

A lot of things have been fixed, check DarkWallet/Alpha3/KnownIssues. Here are a few of the most relevant:

Wrong stealth secrets in some cases

This was causing interoperability issues with other tools since we had an error in our implementation.

Important: People with funds in old stealth addresses check fix below.

Fix: We added a fix/workaround so the whole stealth history will be downloaded and re-checked to make sure bad entries still can be spent. This means it will take a few minutes for the scanning to be done so you should let the wallet work a bit (this will be done in a background thread so won't block the gui).

Thanks: To piotr_n, Nicolas Dorier and others in the NBitcoin stealth thread who found the problem and reported it to us, as well as providing a patch.

Known Issues

The following issues are known on alpha4: Known Issues.

Github Issue Tracker

You can check our issues on github for more detailed information.


Many thanks to everyone who participated in this release.

  • Veox
  • Thomas Hartmann (tphyahoo) for his SX work
  • Amir Taaki
  • caedes
  • sembrestels
  • tilthz
  • d3
  • zodman


We welcome everyone that wants to participate in any of the projects related to darkwallet and its infrastructure, join on any of the following projects:

We have an IRC channel #darkwallet on Freenode. Use https://webchat.freenode.net/ or XChat to join.


For now we're releasing through github using PGP signed git tags.


Video guide by Kristov Atlas

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