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All are welcome. This is an open meeting. For those that can't be here, there is an IRC channel on FreeNode, #darkwallet. Also, @TaylorGerring is tweeting #darkwallet


Date: 24 Nov - 8 Dec

To kick off the beginning of our year long unSYSTEM hackathon funded by our crowdfunding campaign, we are having a 2 week meeting.

Our year long hackathon will explore the realm of p2p, opensource and crypto pushing the fringes of what is possible and delivering kick ass software for the people.

In this meeting we will define DarkWallet, our roles, plan the project, ask for support from the group and organise amongst ourselves so that we can operate efficiently and autonomously for the year.

The peak date is the first week of December. We have a big place with beds for all the crew (but ask me if you plan to come). The place is a social centre: http://www.macao.mi.it/ and we will do a few outreach public events for the community so that the wider Milan can learn about Bitcoin.

I'm still inviting people so the list will expand. If you can only make a day or few but want to participate in this development, then please come as your presence would be positive and welcome.

Pictures of the place:



Address: Viale Molise 68 (search Google Images for "macao viale molise")

Everyone has different dates so people will be arriving and leaving throughout the next 2 weeks. After 2nd December, there will be public events so if anyone who is around can present to general public about any topic they want to talk about.

It's the cold winter now in Milan, and lots of people are arriving. Take a warm jacket, and if you can bring sleeping bag/blanket then there should be enough spare blankets for people who don't bring anything.

If you arrive to the place, you can knock the door and enter. Just say you are for the Bitcoin meeting.




Get the bus to Centrale (around 10 EUR).

Then get on the metro (1.5 EUR). Take 1 stop to Republica, then switch to binary 2 (the next train - you pass an additional barrier - don't go to the exit). You want the one going east to P. TA VITTORIA.

Exit station, social centre is across the road.



  • Lorenza Baroncelli
  • Joseph Grima
  • Janislav
  • Pablo (caedes)
  • Amir
  • Ines
  • Santi (d3)
  • Solene
  • Mihai (Bitcoin Magazine)
  • Richard Stallman (2 Dec - )
  • Cody Wilson (- Nov 29)
  • Jason King (Sean's outpost) (Nov 30 - )
  • Wendell (Hive wallet)
  • Taylor Gerring (tgerring)
  • Kyle Drake - Coinpunk
  • ThomasV (Electrum wallet) (Dec 3 - Dec 7)
  • Peter Todd (Nov 30 - Dec 6)
  • Ecurb (Bruce) (Ecurb.info) (Nov 29 - Dec 1)
  • jaromil (26 to 28 Nov)
  • Luca Matteis
  • Sem (26 Nov -)
  • Capo (26 Nov -)
  • BioP (26 Nov -)

More info

We have a passionate team of people who believe in creating tools for the people (as embodied in the unsystem mission of people, community and passion). It starts with a simple premise, but we will expand to encompass a wide range of p2p, crypto and opensource infrastructure.

You see the blockchain doesn't start and end with Bitcoin. It is a technological gift that is bringing about new research and interesting developments. It's still too early to know exactly how they will play out and what the final form will look like, but it's definitely the edge of where things are heading.

  • Distributed identity (auth with services/websites, e.g auto-login, without needing password)
  • Distributed reputation (not connected to your real-world identity).
  • Distributed encrypted communication (anti-spam proof by design, can be like a Facebook stream, see BitMessage or FlowingMail.com)
  • Decentralised issuing of tradeable assets (BitShares, MasterCoin or Colored Coins). MasterCoin recently raised $500k from random donations on the BitcoinTalk forums.
  • Semi-persistant distributed storage via DHT network and embedded hashes in the blockchain. We can have a fast encrypted web better than freenet and fast.

... more is possible, still being discovered everyday.

We want to use the money to invest in creating a battery of small business, supporting people working on cool projects we want to see happen and investing in spaces (buying land, construction, .etc) so that we all can have a place to work, sleep and throw events/parties.

By creating spaces and infrastructure, we create a way for people who believe in something to make their ideas happen - it isnt only about programming but everything we want to combine together.

We can use this as a support network to fulfill the needs of people involved in unSYSTEM and think how to support good projects.

Headline text



Fun fund: https://blockchain.info/address/1CZhtcDW7Y3bcSiSUgwayNrfhNjEndHVpk


Talks we will make during the meeting, to spread knowledge to the people from the Macao social center.


Talk about bitcoin and dark wallet.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency system, we will explain the basics and then proceed with an update on the current situation and latest news from the community.

Dark Wallet is a light browser wallet relying on an independent Bitcoin implementation with out-of-the-box security and privacy features. Release early 2014.

These days we are having a development and preparation meeting for starting work on Dark Wallet, so the talk servers both to introduce bitcoin and explain what we are building in the Macao social center.

Duration: 1 hour 30 min + questions, debate etc

Calafou/Integral Cooperative

Calafou is a project involving buying and restoring an old industrial colony close to barcelona. The project aims to provide housing and produc tive projects for members of the community, and also serve as an investigation and model for further colectivizations.

The integral cooperative is a transitional initiative for social transformation from below, through self-management, self-organization and networking. It started in 2011 and now it comprises several colonization projects (including calafou) as well as well over a 1000 members participating in some economic activity.

Duration: 1 hour 30 min (half about calafou, half about the integral cooperative) + questions, debate etc